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Who We are


It began with a vision to bring an icon of American automotive culture, the classic Ford Mustang, into the realm of the supercar. 


By car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts... goal is to take the proven record and tradition of the Mustang and redesign it with a distinctive, exotic aesthetic.

Our goal: combine the detailed refinements and precision craftsmanship of an exotic breed of car with the raw horsepower and performance augmentations of a true track specialist.  From concept to delivery, every step has been with this goal in mind - maintaining the styling cues of an American classic while augmenting every aspect with cutting edge performance and design.  We believe that customized performance is what sets the car enthusiast apart.

We specialize in carbon fiber fabrication.  With our team of design and mechanic specialists we create an individualized product to give you the ultimate driving experience.

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From CAD, carbon fibre ovens, electrical system engineering specialists, drivetrain assembly, paint shop, artisan leather works and metal coachbuilding facilities. The list is almost never-ending.

Whether we are creating bespoke, muscular off-roader, reimagining the styling of an existing automotive icon or carrying out a sophisticated interior makeover, ARES Design’s skilled technicians and craftspeople are all housed under one roof and are ready to carry out luxurious modifications to bring your striking concepts to life.

What We Do

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Paint and Tint Options, Custom Accents and Trim & Variety of Custom Features


A Range of Fabrics, Including Custom Leathers, & Wide Variety of Colors and Stitching Options

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Performance Upgrades Available for Engine, Driveline & Exhaust. Your Choice of Suspension Setup & Wheel Choices

All the tiniest details matter

Proper selection of materials, structures and hues throughout the development of a concept design is absolutely crucial. At Asira Cars, all the tiniest details matter – we strive to create products characterised by state-of-the-art design and unmatched quality.

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