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Strength to weigh ratio

Using the latest most advanced techniques in fabrication,,, baked in a commercial autoclave with the highest quality resins to produce body panels that meet exacting specifications for weight, strength and durability.  Designed to withstand the heat of the Arizona sun in summer, without sagging or degrading.

talk about weight savings

The benefits of carbon fiber go well beyond strength to weight ratios.

Whole car carbon fiber

We guarantee the bodywork to be of the upmost quality, meeting the standards of exotic car fabrication.  We guarantee the durability of the bodywork will not not break down with normal use. (need to examine warrantee assurances, how they are worded)

Entirely novel design

limited production



We have done heat-stress tests, load and impact tests to ensure that the body panels meet and exceed the industry standards. 

We use high-temperature resins, and autoclave curing to temper the panels, for extreme heat exposure.


The only access to fully exposed cf is supercars like Pagani and Bugatti​


the crafting .... painstakingly aligned

Fabrication method (autoclave)

Compares with aerospace and elite racing fabrication.

Prepreg / pressure cured 

more about materials and resins

Visual appeal

focus on the aesthetic quality...

like a jewel

Symmetrical weave

trim parts

ARES Design specialises in bringing dreams to life. It does so through skilled engineering and craftmanship.Behind this ability is ARES’s state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge production techniques.


"Our mission is to make a worldclass car that is equally at home on highway, at the racetrack and in the showroom."



And here we will talk about quality....

About meeting rigorous requirements...

About gauging thickness for strength and lightness

Meeting the highest standards.

Every aspect of automotive design – from carbon fibre manufacture to in-house leather and panel fabrication – are all available on site in the ARES Design headquarters in Modena.And the company’s world-class engineers and technicians make sure that the most painstaking care is applied throughout the process.

"We believe that quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of true excellence."

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