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The mesmerising looking exterior of the S1 Project was designed by ARES Design’s Centro Stile employing extensive CFD studies to ensure the ultimate in aerodynamic performance and stability.
Created from hand-crafted carbon fibre body panels, the dramatic low-profile silhouette, curvaceous wheel arches, low front splitter and forward sitting cockpit give the S1 Project an aggressive but flowing stance while producing maximum downforce and minimum aerodynamic resistance.

Its sleek design and performance are further enhanced by its dynamic rear spoiler and the eye-catching exhaust exiting the bonnet – an iconic-styled feature specifically created to leave the rear extractor area free and clean, to further improve aerodynamics.



The Asira Mustang presented a rigorous exercise in smoothing out surfaces on the car to remove any form of drag-causing elements while adding rear volumes that streamline the airflow. Over 3000 hours have been invested in fluid dynamics (CFD) and aerodynamics analysis, alongside over 5000 hours of design and engineering for the Jesko Absolut on top of the Jesko. The CFD team meticulously went over every inch and design detail of the car, defining the elements needed to get to the drag coefficient even lower than the target of 0.28 Cd, to just 0.278 Cd.

Cooling ports / vents / ducts



In place of a rear wing there are two rear hood fins that are designed to enhance the high-speed stability of the Absolut.

Furthermore, the front splitter and side winglets are removed, and the front wheel louvers are replaced with smoother ones. Every surface is analyzed and optimized for the air to glide as effortless as possible over, under and through the body.

The Jesko Absolut shape was reassessed with minimal drag in mind. This meant elongating the car, giving it a more tear-dropped shape. The rear extension of the Jesko Absolut makes it 85 mm longer than the track-focused Jesko and the dished rear wheels, really change its appearance.


The ambience of the Koenigsegg cabin is one of luxury combined with technology. Rich materials combine with traditional artisan craftsmanship and modern convenience to provide a truly beautiful place to drive without compromise. The cabin is modern and elegant, yet easily switches between relaxed cruising and high-performance track work.

The cabin benefits from Koenigsegg’s new, larger monocoque, with increased legroom and headroom, greater rearward visibility and an even more airy feeling thanks to a larger curved windscreen.

That air of freedom is enhanced even further when the lightweight roof is removed, turning Jesko from a sleek, sporting coupe into a sun-loving roadster.

We offer a variety of paint and finish options to meet you personal taste.

The first decision' exposed carbon fiber or painted?

Trim options to match your preferred color

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