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Each and every detail of the Asira Mustang bears the hallmarks of advanced design. It is a true masterpiece of design that expresses dynamism and power, with the fully exposed carbon-fiber body the jewel in its crown. The interior combines high-level technology and luxury equipment, crafted by skilled artisans... Revolutionary thinking is at the heart of every idea from Asira Mustang... The Asira Mustang advances every concept of performance, immediately establishing itself as the benchmark for the super sports car sector.


Complete Customization

The meticulous genius of craftsmanship, the excellence of materials and the freedom of customisation: from the classic look, with the exclusive Nappa leather, to the up-to-date Alcantara, delicate in its eco-sustainability and with all the grit and personality of the racing-oriented world. Panther ProgettoUno is a living creature and thanks to its hand-crafted interior is able to adapt and compliments in with whoever sits inside.

Once seated, passengers and car become one. The design of the seats has been entirely developed by ARES, who chose and moulded the carbon fibre to create both the external and the lower cover. Its racing character is emphasized by the leather and Alcantara upholstery. Maximum comfort: exquisite materials and total electric control of the adjustments. And, naturally, the customisation: in addition to the upholstery, even the shape of the seat can be redesigned on the build at the request of the driver.

Centre stage, a newly designed transmission system has the traditional open grid look but houses a modern DCT unit providing the driver with an unparrelled driving experience. Outside, the music of the movement, the voice of the living creature. Inside, the incomparable vividness and quality of its sound. ARES is the first automotive company to work with Daniel Hertz, the renowned Swiss company founded by Mark Levinson, specialists in highest fidelity audio systems. The technology developed by Daniel Hertz for the home audio systems has been redesigned specifically for the Panther ProgettoUno, integrating 3 tweeters, 4 mid-rangers and 4 woofers. A sound experience never lived before.

Stitching, leather, carbon fiber details are all options that are available to make the interior match your personal taste.


Stitching, leather, carbon fiber details are all options that are available to make the interior match your personal taste.

Do you want bold or subtle, shocking or understated?  There is range for all.

From the steering wheel to the dash, make a seamless impression.

The seats can be done in cloth or the finest Italian leather.

The display is available in two sizes.

We offer a range of professional stitching options.  


Meticulous work, attending to every detail.

Custom embroidery sets the car apart. Unique customizations complimenting the aesthetic of the car.

Complimentary to the other, overall customizations.


Full leather

Custom design

seats cutout


We create customized steering wheel designs based on the principles of ergonomics, and then we prototype them, prepare moulds and to the the production process.

While traditional Mustangs have always had surprising levels of practicality, creature comforts and features, our primary focus has always been to make the most exotic version available – around a racetrack or anywhere else.  The Asira Mustang harmonizes the classic tradition, but with innovative technology that blends outrageous speed, supreme comfort, and a unique driving experience.

touchscreen cutout


11 inch touchscreen

a rang of features


backup camera


Carbon fiber delete kit

delete kit cutout
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