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M  U  S  T  A  N  G



It began with a vision to bring an icon of American automotive culture, the classic Ford Mustang, into the realm of the supercar. 

Enter the ASIRA MUSTANG Project.

Our goal: combine the detailed refinements and precision craftsmanship of an exotic breed of car with the raw horsepower and performance augmentations of a true track specialist.  From concept to delivery, every step has been with this goal in mind - maintaining the styling cues of an American classic while augmenting every aspect with cutting edge performance and design.  





All the tiniest details matter

Proper selection and integration of materials and components throughout the development of a concept design is absolutely crucial. At ASIRA, all the tiniest details matter – we strive to create products characterised by state-of-the-art design and unmatched quality.


Created from hand-crafted carbon fiber body panels, the mesmerising looking exterior of the ASIRA MUSTANG was designed with performance in mind.  Every element and design feature works harmoniously to produce the ultimate in aerodynamic performance and stability. 

From the enlarged front grill and exit vents, increasing airflow to the oversize heat exchanger, to the side ports created to optimize airflow to the brakes, everything was designed to augment the ultimate driving experience, while giving the ASIRA MUSTANG a distinctive appeal.  

Its sleek design and performance are further enhanced by its integrated rear spoiler and the eye-catching exhaust exiting directly behind the wheels – a feature specifically created to leave the rear extractor area free and clean, to further improve aerodynamics.


The ASIRA MUSTANG's widened body along with curvaceous wheel arches and dramatic door sills give it an aggressive, prowling stance that delivers on the road with every bit of the drive stability and formidable cornering its appearance suggests.



Inside, the interior compliments the bodywork to give this expressive and sporty car a dynamic, performance oriented driving experience.  Interior enhancements abound throughout, giving the ASIRA MUSTANG a supercar finish and allure.  Along with extensive carbon fiber touches on the dashboard, console and steering wheel, every surface is trimmed with top quality leather, augmented with seams, quilting and embossed motifs.  White accents contrast with black leather and red stitching to create a polished, stunning look. 

Custom upholstered racing seats anchor the driver securely and comfortably, while the rear seat delete opens up the back, saving weight and giving the ASIRA MUSTANG a racy edge.

The eye catching center display boasts an 10.2" screen featuring Android Auto and Apple Carplay operating systems that can be fully customized to suite your navigational and media preferences.

Making full use of the finest Italian leather and satin finished carbon fiber elements, ASIRA created a stunning yet functional ambience, designed to emphasize the driving pleasure and sensations experienced behind the wheel.



Careful attention is given to the materials we use, with the aim to produce bodywork that is as light as possible, without compromising strength and durability.  Specially selected resins are bonded to the carbon fiber inlays with the industry leading 'pre-preg' method to meet the most exacting specifications.  Using cutting edge processes and materials, we are able to produce panels with a consistently high strength-to-weight ratio.

At ASIRA, we use industry leading fabrication techniques to ensure the very best products in strength, stability and durability.  Using state of the art autoclave technology to precisely control heat and pressure cycles during the curing process guarantees the highest quality panels. 



As every track enthusiast knows, weight savings is a critical element in improving overall track performance.  In this category, the Asira Mustang is brilliant.  The extremely lightweight carbon fiber body shaves off over 200lb off the car, along with aluminum racing wheels, rear seat delete, racing seats and custom exhaust result in over 300lb of total weight savings, enough to make a remarkable improvement in all aspects of driving performance. 

We tune the suspension precisely for the Mustang to give it optimal track handling as well as a smooth driving experience.  The free flowing exhaust allows the engine to breathe freely, enhancing output and gives the Mustang an exhilarating growl as it climbs quickly through the rpm range.  Carefully selected driveshaft, tires and wheels make sure the the phenomenal power output transfers efficiently to the road, giving the car breakneck speed and cornering.

At its heart, ASIRA MUSTANG gets a jaw dropping boost to its naturally aspirated V8 direct injection powerplant, with the addition of a stage 5 Whipple supercharger. ASIRA tunes the engine and mounts a bespoke crafted exhaust system to give the Mustang a maximum power of 825hp.

A real masterpiece of engineering and technology with an extraordinary design, both functional and exotic, that elicits excitement right from the first glance.
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